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43300 Seri Kembangan,
Selangor, Malaysia.
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Kitchen Appliances

1/1 Electric Bain Marie

Imbaco 4 Pan Electric Bain Marie TEM-4

Imbaco 3 Pan Electric Bain Marie TEM-3

Food Blender With Enclosure Box (Manual Model / Digital Model)

Commercial Hand Blender

Butterfly Super Blender with Wet & Dry Mill

FRESH Electric Broiler YXD-206C

FRESH Gas Broiler NYXD-306

FRESH Gas Broiler RG-2

Electric Cotton Candy Machine


FRESH Chicken Feather Machine CFM-22 / CFM-24 / CFM-26

FRESH Chicken Cutter Machine CCM-JM

FRESH Chicken Cutter Machine CCM-CM / CCM-IM

FRESH Coconut Milk Extractor - L-A66 / L-A668

FRESH Coconut Milk Extractor L-CME15 / L-CME-20

FRESH Coconut Grinder AECS 630

FRESH Multipurpose Cooker FMC-15M

FRESH Induction Cooker FIC-350W4F

FRESH Induction Cooker FIC-350H4F

Electric Semi-Automatic Cup Sealer

Electric Automatic Cup Sealer

FRESH Cup Sealer ET-999N (Made in Taiwan)

Orimas 25kg Knead Dough Machine HS-80LT

Orimas 20kg Knead Dough Machine HS-50*

Orimas 16kg Knead Dough Machine HS-40*

Sous Vide Egg Boiler 6L / 10L Model

Imbaco Egg Warmer EW-50

FRESH Egg Boiler FEB-50

Stainless Steel Egg Roll Sausage / Sostel Machine

Electric Egg Roll Sausage Maker Machine / Sostel Machine

Commercial Gas Egg Roll Sausage Maker Machine / Sostel Machine

1.7Liter Butterfly Electric Jug Kettle


FRESH Wrapping Packager HW-450

FRESH Vacuum Packager DZQ400TN

FRESH Vacuum Packager DZQ400N

7L+7L Double Gas Deep Fryer

7L Single Gas Deep Fryer

Imbaco Electric Single Deep Fryer TEF-8LT

Gas Griddle Flat Plate

Imbaco Gas Griddle (Flat Plate) TGG-720

Imbaco Electric Griddle (Flat Plate) TEG-818

Smokeless Indoor Stove Top Grill

Milux Halogen Electric Grill MEG-1200

Milux Smokeless Charcoal Grill MCG-2000

150W Electric Grinder

Gas Griddle Half Ribbed Half Flat Plate

Imbaco High Speed Grinder MH-2000-6 (Made in Taiwan)

180W Hand Mixer


Imbaco Hot Dog Warmer THD-07

FRESH Hot Dog Roller RG-9C

FRESH Hot Dog Roller RG-7 / RG-9

Stainless Steel Ice Crusher SC-114

300F Ice Crusher

Imbaco Ice Crusher ZY-SB108

Infrared Gas Grill (4 Short Burner)

Infrared Gas Grill (4 Long Burner)


Butterfly 4.7L Electric Kettle

Homelux 4.9L Electric Kettle

Portable Multi Function Thermo Pot

Imbaco 10" Meat Slicer WEB-B250B-3

Imbaco 8" Meat Slicer WEB-B200B-2

Imbaco Meat Mincer MH-238

Double Milk Shake Machine

Imbaco Double Milk Shake Machine EMS-2

Imbaco Single Milk Shake Machine EMS-1

Sous Vide

Orimas Electric Pizza Oven PEO-40X1B

Orimas Electric Pizza Oven LR-CP-12

Orimas 20L Universal Mixer Machine B-20HC

Orimas 20L Universal Mixer Machine B-20H

Imbaco 25L Food Mixer WM253

Pasta Machine / Noodle Maker

Orimas 60kg Noodle Machine MT-60IIB*

Orimas 50kg Noodle Machine MT-50IIB*

Orimas 3 Deck 6 Tray Gas Oven GR-6T*

Orimas 2 Deck 4 Tray Gas Oven GR-4T*

Orimas 1 Deck 2 Tray Gas Oven GR-2T*

Pao Steamer Rack - 7 Hole

Pao Steamer Rack - 4 Hole

Pao Steamer Rack - 3 Hole

Dessini Smart Pressure Cooker


Dessini 5Liter Smart Rice Cooker

Imbaco 10L Gas Rice Cooker GF20Y-10L-A

Imbaco Electric Rice Cooker CFXB160-235

Imbaco 12" Meat Slicer WEB-B300B-3

FRESH Potato Slicer ST301A

FRESH Meat Slicer (Semi-Auto) QX-2.5 / QX-3 / QX-5

Imbaco Soup Warmer SK-802

Imbaco Soup Warmer SK-801

Imbaco Soup Warmer SK-800

Imbaco High Speed Soya Bean Grinder & Separator MH-280 (Made in Taiwan)

Imbaco High Speed Soya Bean Grinder & Separator MH-230 (Made in Taiwan)

FRESH Soyabean Milk Machine ET-09 / ET-10

FRESH Corn Steamer (Gas / Electric) CS-30

FRESH Electric Steamer BD-12 / BD-24

FRESH Gas Steamer GRS-6 / GRS-12 / GRS-24

8 Burner Stove

High Pressure Gas Stove

Square 4 Burner Stove

Electric Conveyor Toaster

FRESH Conveyor Toaster TT-300

Butterfly 4 Slice Electric Toaster

FRESH Vegetable Cutter EC-501 (Made in Taiwan)

FRESH Vegetable Cutter VC65MS

FRESH Vegetable Cutter BC-01 (Made in Taiwan)

Imbaco 2 Plate Waffle Baker TWB-2

Imbaco Rotary Waffle Baker TWB-1A

Imbaco Waffle Machine TCG-801W

FRESH Water Boiler MS-20L / MS-30L / MS-40L / MS-50L

FRESH Water Boiler WB-30 / WB-40

Water Boiler

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